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SinceTrim-Lok has been the number one source for rubber seal products, including extruded rubber gaskets and seals. We could not be more grateful. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we will offer pricing based on one or more of the above methods.

If you prefer to manage the fabrication at your facilities, we offer bulk rubber products for immediate shipment.

Series 9013 Low Torque Gaskets

They also serve to prevent hard surfaces from coming into contact with each other by acting as a buffer. In civil and military aerospace environments, they are trusted to stand up to corrosion and abrasion, protecting the aircraft and everyone on board.

Rubber gaskets are used in a huge array of different settings, including commercial and industrial. The gasket sealing element consists of a pre-formed metallic winding strip with layers of a softer, more compressible sealing material which, during compression, is densified and flows to fill imperfections in the flange surfaces.

Syracuse Division

This is an efficient way to produce high volumes of industrial gaskets specialized for precise applications. Rubber is a softer material than metal and it is usually durable and elastic enough to absorb physical impact. This method combines high volume output and micro-precision.

This provides the springlike action within the gasket that resists buckling and maintains a seal even when subject to fluctuating compressive loads. All products are proudly made in America using only the highest quality materials available on the market.

Blowout, creep and tearing are virtually eliminated. From garage doors and car sunroofs to window panes and windshields, our rubber window and door seals come in a variety of specially designed shapes.

Polyurethane (AU/EU)

Computer controlled winding machines carefully monitor and adjust the tension of the winding strips. They have met my application needs and do all they can to supply a quality product in a timely manner.

Synthetic rubbers make for great seals and gaskets because a lot of industrial applications see abrasive conditions like oils, chemicals, and high temperatures. The employees are very hardworking and professional and will do what it takes to get the job done.

Many modern industrial applications require liquid or gas remain contained. Thanks for all the help over the years. We have full inventory of standards ranging from Class to Class in various sizes, materials and styles in our Houston, Texas warehouse.

Purchase Here Maxiflex spiral wound gaskets have the ability to recover under the action of fluctuating loads caused by process fluid pressure and temperature changes, flange face temperature variations, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep.

Different types of synthetic elastomers offer different qualities and capabilities, which is why we ask for the potential use of your rubber gaskets before manufacturing them for you. All products are made from a custom formulated EPDM sponge rubber compound that's guaranteed to provide protection from weather and noise for years to come.

The chevron profile allows the gasket to act as a spring and the depth is carefully controlled to give the sealing element the best compression and recovery characteristics.

In manufacturing environments, sealing solutions need to contain aggressive media, protect equipment, and reduce emissions, all while maintaining their integrity despite exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

They even made a dye. My father recommended I try Phelps. Although our website contains a catalog of our standard products available in the most common sizes, all products can be customized to meet the unique needs of your company and industry.

The different types of fabrication options available to you are: A die cutting part is punched out of the shape of each gasket according to the specifications provided by the customer. Gasket sealing products such as head gaskets, pan gaskets, front and rear cover gaskets, crank shaft seals, oil seals and other sealing products normally replaced during an engine rebuild complete their Product Advantages Maxiflex spiral wound gaskets combine the ease of sealing a graphite, PTFE or mica filler with the strength afforded by a specially profiled metallic, spring-like reinforcement.

Vanco Ring Gasket Specialty operates in Stafford. This establishment is involved in Gaskets-Packing & Sealing Devices (Mfrs) as well as other possible related aspects and functions of Gaskets-Packing & Sealing Devices (Mfrs).

• Hydraulic Actuators, Vane Sealing Systems, Accumulators, Dampers • AMS & MIL Standard Materials Chemical Processing • Chemical Compatibility • UL, WRC, NSF & NACE Materials • Stem Seals, Poppet Seats • ANSI Flange Gaskets - Spiral Wound Engineered Sealing Products • Elastomer Energized PTFE Seals • Spring Energized PTFE Seals.

Stallings Industries Inc. is a nationally certified W.B.E. that serves the southeast with fluid sealing products that include gaskets, sheet goods, mechanical seals, isolators, pump diaphragms, packing, butterfly valves, isolation kits, monolithic isolators, and expansion joints.

Cost-effective sealing in valves, pumps, agitators, and other rotary equipment. Metal gaskets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and chemical exposure.


Hydraulic Components. Heavy-duty packing and seals to meet the demanding requirements of today’s reciprocating equipment. Specially-engineered products inserted.

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Higbee gaskets sealing products inc
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